Forging Hammer 101

The forging hammer: as ubiquitous to a blacksmith

Forging Hammer 101

The forging hammer: as ubiquitous to a blacksmith as steak to a meat pie. This course introduces the techniques required to create a traditional forging hammer that is the right weight, size and balance according to the body and style of the smith.

Starting out as a block or billet of steel, students will design a hammer-head, forge the billet to size, punch the eye for the handle and forge in some decorative fullers. Students will finish off by heat treating the hammer-head, shaping the handle from spotted gum and fitting it to their hammer ready for use. An ideal way into blacksmithing for a beginner, or for anyone more advanced who wants to come away with a valued piece of equipment.

Students will make
Their very own forging hammer
    Students will learn
    • Steel selection: hard vs tough
    • Use of oil or gas furnaces and coke forges
    • Anvil forging of large billets
    • Striking and cooperative blacksmithing
    • Punching the eye with a hydraulic press
    • How to handle shaping and fitment
    • Heat treatment
    What’s included
    • All materials
    • Morning tea
    • All safety gear including leather blacksmith aprons, eye, ear and hand protection (however feel free to bring your own if you prefer)
    Appropriate for

    This course is open to students of all skill levels and does not require any prior experience. Ages 15 and up.

    What to bring
    Lunch, bottle of water and snacks
      What to wear

      Clothing appropriate for a workshop – long pants and sleeves (preferably natural fibre), solid shoes/boots.

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