Two Knives in Two Days

This knife making class has a strong focus on forging

Two Knives in Two Days

This knife making class has a strong focus on forging and heat treating of carbon steel knives. You will get to make two knives over the weekend so you can learn about the forging and shaping processes, heat treatment and grinding. By doing it twice you will reinforce the lessons, allowing you to gain a real appreciation and understanding of the knife making process.

Over the course of one weekend, you will make 2 utility knives with leather wrap handles. The knives are smaller utility knives which are very handy around the house, camping and in the garden. Saturday starts with an introduction to the process of knife-making, looking at knife-ergonomics, design and profiling. Students will design their knife and begin work on shaping the blade by forging the steel. You will then start grinding the primary bevels with the linishing machine. Students will then heat-treat the blade to harden the steel and do the finishing grind and sharpen. 

Cost includes

Materials, use of tools and equipment, workshop consumables and safety gear.

Course learnings

  • Rough forging your blade shape
  • Knife ergonomics, design and profiling
  • Blade geometry and its various applications
  • Grinding with a linisher to clean up and polish the forged knife
  • Heat treatment
  • Leather wrapping the handle
  • Knife sharpening

Additional Info

  • While we encourage you to design the shape of your knife there is a limit to the size to help ensure you get it all done on time. Grinding large blades is time consuming for pros and amateurs alike so we designed this class to be  heavily focused on forging and heat treating, keeping the grinding to a minimum.  
  • Lunch is ordered in from a nearby cafe, or you can bring your own.
  • All materials will be provided for the completion of the knife.
  • Hearing, eye and respiratory protection will be provided.


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