Copper Serving Spoon

Craft a beautiful serving spoon from copper

Copper Serving Spoon

Craft a beautiful serving spoon from copper and steel that will last for generations.

In this class we start the morning by heating, tapering, texturing and twisting a piece of steel to form an ergonomic handle. 

Next we will form and dish the copper with a variety of blacksmithing tools and techniques such at anvils, hammers, swages and heat. Finally, after a quick clean and polish, comes the time to unite the pieces with cute copper rivets. 

This class will cover skills in hot forging and the use of heaps of blacksmithing techniques as well as cold forming of copper sheet (including annealing and descaling the copper). 

    Students will learn

    • Introduction to blacksmithing tools and machines
    • Introduction to the furnace and its safe use
    • Emphasis on the traditional fashion of forging with a striker 

    What’s included

    • All materials will be provided for the completion of the spoon. 
    • All safety gear including eye, ear and hand protection (but feel free to bring your own if you prefer)

    Appropriate for

    This class is designed for a wide range of abilities, from those just getting introduced to the craft to those wishing to expand their kitchen collection and know how.

    What to bring

    • Lunch, snacks and water bottle
    • Clothing appropriate for a workshop – long pants and sleeves (preferably natural fibre), solid shoes/boots.

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